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Atlanta is a beautiful city, but everyone needs to escape now and then. This site is dedicated to making that easier for you to do. There are so many hikes to do  in and around Atlanta even we can’t mention them all, although we are going to make the attempt. All the hikes mentioned are within 2.5 hours of driving time from downtown Atlanta. Our belief is that you should spend more time on the trail than you do in the catlantahikes_logo development_typeExport [Converted]ar so 5 hours of driving time is about our maximum. There are lots of great hikes which will take you more than 2.5 hours to get to but then you are probably looking at an overnight stay or a very long day.

Although you can probably do these hikes in a much shorter time than we say it will take, another one of our beliefs is that it’s not a race, take time to enjoy the scenery and nature and leave the rush hour to the city.

Take a look around, and if you like what you see and want to join us on a hike, become a Member. It’s free. You will receive regular emails on upcoming hikes and when you join us on a hike we’ll make you feel at ease on the road and on the trail. Check out our photo albums for past hikes. We usually have a hike event every two weeks. However Fall season is almost upon us and that is the best time to hike in the South. During the Fall season we hike every Saturday.

Useful Links to help you get on the trail.

Georgia State Parks

Georgia Appalachian Trail Club